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These have included steps to improve access to mental health services for efforts and veterans to alleviate the transition from army to civilian life. An example of his key focuses has become on veterans' troubles. Inhaling on the own military experience of his, Helmer has championed a few bills aimed at supporting Virginia's veterans. Sponsored bills to analyze whether veterans experience discrimination when trying to obtain a house mortgage.

Voted for a bill that would streamline the system of approving home loans for veterans. Here's what Dan Helmer has done for veterans: Accomplishments together with votes :. Supported veterans in crisis through the Veterans Suicide Prevention Act. Voted for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which provided an added 437 million for Veterans Health Administration. Helmer in addition has worked on policies which allow it to be a lot easier for veterans to transfer armed forces expertise and schooling into academic credits, minimizing the time and cost required to make a degree or even certification.

By supporting legislation that offers scholarships and financial aid to veterans, he has helped a lot of focus on advanced schooling and vocational training. In addition to healthcare, Helmer continues to be a staunch advocate for enhancing academic opportunities for veterans. He appreciates the benefits of education in facilitating a smooth transition to civilian life. Through the job of his on the Finance Committee, Helmer has a say in just how Virginia usually spends its funds.

This could impact from the caliber of schools for the condition of roads. The solution is: in more ways than you may well assume. So, what is the bottom line? How does Dan Helmer's committee work actually influence the life of Virginians? The Republicans voted to continue government funded at a degree that prevented the shutdown- the Democrats voted to hold DACA in place. It was restored at that amount for one more year.

A bill passed, funded through February nine, 2024, in the 114th Congress. Don McEachin voted to abolish ICE which would jeopardize the security of our service patrons and also border agents. Don McEachin voted against the Defense Spending Bill which supported troops, veteran pay raises, and military benefits. A vote for Dan Helmer is a vote for veterans. This evaluation by the Federal Elections Commission reveals that Don McEachin makes over 200 payments to the brother of his – who was convicted of fraud.

Don McEachin voted against border security measures to secure the border and prevent America safe. A vote for Don McEachin is a vote against veterans. Don McEachin voted against funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs. It's not clear what these payments were for.

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